Here you can find updated information – updated 27.1.2021.

The health and safety of our customers and employees are the main priority for us here at Himos Ski Resort. Due to the current coronavirus situation, we have reviewed our slope and ancillary services during the autumn, and we will make the necessary changes to them in order to enable the safest possible visitation and work in ski resort.

In our service desks and restaurant cashiers we have cover plexiglasses to ensure customers and personnel and safety. Indoors personnel will also ware either face mask or face shield.

The door handles of the service buildings, toilets, restaurant tables and chairs, as well as the payment terminals have been treated with a photocatalytic Nanox coating.

In all our activities, we follow the instructions and recommendations issued by both the Finnish authorities and the Finnish Ski Area Association.

The number of ski and area passes sold daily can be limited if neccessary on Saturdays and during holidays.

Ticket Sale

Almost all our ski passes are available on our online shop. Payment service provider is Paytrail. Paytrail Plc acts as a collecting payment service provider and is an authorized Payment Institution. Approved payment types are internet bank transfers, most common debit and credit cards and joustoluotto. If you already have an Axess Smart Card, you may load it in online shop. If you don´t have Axess Smart Card, you can purchase it at the same time when you purchase the ski pass. After purchase you will get the QR-code and you can collect the ski pass and smartcard with the QR code from the pick up box. Pick up box is located  front of the ticket sale office in Western Himos.
When buying from online, you will have 5% discount from normal price ski passes and Lumila area passes (not season passes).

You may also purchase Axess Smart Cards from the Himos Center reception.

If you wish to pay your pass with exercise and culture vouchers or mobile apps, please contact to ticket sale office.

Ski pass terms of exchange or cancellation

If the slopes will not be opened at all due to the coronavirus situation, the validity of  unused  season, area and company passes as well as hour and day passes will be extended primarily to the next season. Gift cards purchased for the 20/21 season will also be valid for the next season.

If the season is interrupted by a ski resort or by order of an authority, we will comply with the terms and conditions of the Finnish Ski Area Association and the Consumer Ombudsman.

Restaurants – HimosBistro, HimosBuffet and HimosCafé

At the beginning of the season HimosBistro, HimosBuffet and HimosCafé will serve with their current concepts. Number of seats in restaurants in use at this moment is 75 %. To ensure to maintain the social distance and safety while having a break. To ensure more seats will be heated tent to be set up next to HimosBistro in the beginning of December.

In HimosBistro there will be a separate food pick-up point.  If the meal you ordered is not ready at the time of purchase, you will receive a pager that will indicate when the meal can be picked up. It gives you an opportunity to wait for the meal to be completed also on the restaurant terrace.

You can also purchase food to take-away from all our restaurants.

Restaurants pick-up cutleries are frequently change and disinfectant machines are available at the entrances.

If the coronavirus situation continues, we will not be organizing afterski events in our restaurants in the coming season.

Ski Rental, Ski Service and Ski Shop

Entrance to the West Himos ski rental will change so that access to the ski rental will take place from a new door intended only for ski rental customers. Queuing to the ski rental takes place outdoors and a traffic light at the ski rental door indicates when the next customer can come in and be served by personnel. A certain number of equipment can also be booked in advance on weekends and holidays. Pre-booked and paid equipment are picked up from a separate container in front of the ski rental. Rental equipment will be returned to a separate return point.

Returned helmets, poles and boots are always disinfected after use. Please notice, that ski googles are not currently rented.

Equipment maintenance and locker rental is operated via SkiShop, which has its own entrance. SkiShop’s fitting pieces for ski googles and helmets are always disinfected after fitting. There is also disinfectant machines are available at the entrance.


Use of T-bar lifts only in pairs when the couple is from the same family or group.
4 persons chair lift can be used with family members or people in the same grop. Otherwise, only two passangers can use the chair lift, keeping a safe distance to each other.
2 persons chair lift can be used alone or with family members or people in the same group.

If necessary, our staff will assist in providing the button / T-bar and accessing the lift, otherwise the staff will keep safety distances to customers.

Recommendations for customers

Consider others and head to the slopes only completely healthy, stay at home in case you feel unwell.
Remember hand- and coughing hygiene.

Put used tissues and expendable face masks into the trash after use.
Purchase ski passes online if possible.
Use contactless payment whenever it is possible.
Make sure sufficient social distance. Face mask recommended whenever social distance can not be held.
Load Koronavilkku app (Koronavilkku is a contact tracing app produced by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) to help you find out whether you may have been exposed to coronavirus.)
Wear mask when you are indoors.

Be responsible, follow the Ski slope rules and given instructions by personnel.

More information about the current coronavirus situation in Finland:

Finnish institute for health and welfare – coronavirus latest updates

Finnish institute for heath and welfare – travel and the coronavirus pandemic