1. Register to a user of calendar. Notice that usernames from the earlier seasons are valid.
  2. Choose from navigator SCHEDULE – BOOKINGS.
  3. Choose the date you wish to make booking.
  4. On your booking, add your contact information (phone number) and variety of alpine skiing. This allows personnel and other alpine groups to contact you if needed.
  5. Maximum is 2 hours/booking. Please make the reservation so that there is reasonable timetable for other bookings.
  6. We recommend that smaller groups (under 5) train together, especially at weekends.
  7. Remember to cancel your booking if you are not coming!
  8. SG practices only weekdays.


  • It is the responsibility of the organizer to clearly mark the training on the slope, for example with TRAINING-signs.
  • After the training, level up the course to ensure that the conditions are good for the next group. Also after the last turn of evening.
  • Notice, in Bonus slope there are 2 tracks, in other slopes only one track at the same time. If you book Bonus slope for Super G, both tracks has to be booked because of safety (only on weekdays).
  • Check the opening hours of lifts and slopes befe training.
  • Obey always personnel’s instructions!
  • Always pay attention to other skiers!

The alpine skier is also an example, remember to behave in a good way!

We reserve the right to change already made bookings. Leave your contact information to your booking as well as variety and group size.

Cancellation fee for not cancelled track reservations is 150 € and will be invoiced from the team / coach.


Western Slopes

  • Bonus slope, 2 tracks, in both sides of the slope. When SG both sides has to be booked.
  • Hiski slope, lift side of the slope.
  • Mukkeli slope, light side of the slope.
  • Mökö slope, rock face side ot he slope.

Northern Slopes

  • Kilparinne slope, lift side of the slope.
  • Jussin jyrkkä slope, lift side of the slope.