From the beginning of the season West Park offers a versatile range of skiing for park skiers of all levels. We wanted a park with an easy and safe path to develop parking skills.
There are several lines in the park that are designed according to skill level. You can train without getting bored all day or the weekend, because there are certainly enough descent lines and options.

For beginners, there are presses and small boxes where you can get to know the secrets of parking skills. For advanced skier there is a training line. You get to practice new tricks on plastic pipes, low rails, and the line also has its own table.

Those who are experienced park skiers there is a more challenging rail park where you can find interesting rail lines and more special rails. It is possible to cross the lines of the park safely, so all you have to do is use your imagination and find your own line in the park!

After North Park opens, West Park will be transformed into a large complex aimed at juniors and beginners.


The North Park of the northern slopes will make you wonder – Are we in southern Central Finland? There is so much space and to ski that has never been seen before in the hills of Central Finland!

In the past few years, North Park has been developed and expanded into a large park complex, which is worth coming to ski even further. All skill levels have been taken into consideration while designing the park. Everyone here also means the toughest ones in Finland!

The park has a new boxing line, a comprehensive training lone and a lot of rail obstacles. The long and comprehensive pro line offers really interesting and more special rails. Juniors and beginners have their own area in the Park, where there are smaller boxes and presses.

Only imagination is the limit in this Park when you find lines that you like. See you at the Parks!

Snow Park rules

  1. Always familiarize yourself with special areas in advance.
  2. Make sure landing space is free.
  3. Stop only at places where you can be easily seen. Do not stop into the landing places.
  4. Choose the perform place according to your skill levels.
  5. Pay attention to the weather conditions.
  6. Keep your distance when you pass the skiers below and ahead of you.
  7. The skier who comes from above is obliged to give way.

It’s smart to use helmet and other safety equipment! Accessing to parks and lifts pay attention always also to other skiers!