For those who are interested snow parks, Himos parks offers alternatives for everyone. Beginner tricks are practiced on the Western slopes in Murrin Streetis’ junior-level jumps and presses. Further challenges for more experienced skiers can be found at Mountain Dew Snow Park on the Western slopes and Mountain Dew Rail Park on the Northern slopes.

All park sites are designed together with active skiers and personnel keep sites safe throughout the season.

Select the places fo perform according to your skill level and remember always familiarize yourself with special areas in advance!

Snow Park rules

  1. Always familiarize yourself with special areas in advance.
  2. Make sure landing space is free.
  3. Stop only at places where you can be easily seen. Do not stop into the landing places.
  4. Choose the perform place according to your skill levels.
  5. Pay attention to the weather conditions.
  6. Ylhäältä tuleva on väistämisvelvollinen.
  7. The skier who comes from above is obliged to give way.

It’s smart to use helmet and other safety equipment! Accessing to parks and lifts pay attention always also to other skiers!

Murrin Streettis

Murrin Streettis is designed to the beginners, but offers also jibbing to the experienced skiers. Small jumps with gentle landing places and easy presses and rails guarantee faster lift round with more fun and less impatient waiting. This is the right place to get to know the secrets of snow parking.

Mountain Dew Rail Park

The main focus is on rail obstacles, but you can also find smaller boxes. On same table there are several obstacles from where trigger can choose rails and presses for own skill level. Mountain Dew Rail Park can be reached by lifts number 1 or 2.

Mountain Dew Snow Park

Specialized for jumping, Mountain Dew -snowpark offers big air for experienced jumpers. Two big tables with two diffent size of jumps and varity of middle size boxes are for advanced jumpers. To understand Snow park rules and pay attention to the changing weather conditions are very important while spending time here.

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