Enviromental responsibility in Himos!

  • We are part of a national Energy Efficiency Agreement. In 2008 we joined MARA’s (the Finnish Hospitality Associoation MaRa) national energy efficiency agreement. Companies join the Energy Efficiency Agreement are commited to improve their energy efficiency, in accodrance with the actions and targets presented in the action plan.
  • Surplus heat from snowmaking. We heat our facilities using the surplus heat from snowmaking.
  • Effective snowmaking. We have invested in energy-saving snowmaking when we can make the most out of the optimal conditions.
  • Slope landscaping. We do continuous landscaping which effficiently helps to reduce the amount of snowmaking.
  • Energy-saving slope grooming equipment. We use enviromentally friendly grooming equipment and snowmobiles. We also train our personnel on energy-efficient driving techniques.
  • Frozen food. In our restaurants we use high quality, domestic frozen food to minimize waste of food and efficient food making.
  • Energy waste. Energy waste from our business is recycled in the waste management company at Tampere that produces heating and electricity.
  • Carbon skiing print. You can reach Himos easily and fast from Southern Finland’s largest cities, only a few hour drive. Fuel and energy is safed when you don´t have to drive further. Also most of our employees are local less than 15 km from ski resort.