All Himos ski passes, including season passes are loaded onto the Axess Smart Card. Axess Smart Card (7,50 euros) doesn´t include to the personal or Lumila season pass price. You may purchase the Axess Smart Card at the same time as buying season pass.

Do not puncture the cards to prevent damage to the chip. In exchange for a damaged SmartCard, you must purchase a new chip card of 7,50 euros. The card should be placed on the left side, with a jacket, cheast or sleeve pocket.

  1. Season pass is personal and may not be transferred / sold to another person. Season pass is valid skiing season 2023/2024 in all ski areas also in Lumila during the opening hours. Lumila season pass is valid only in Lumila and with a company pass, several people can ski during the season, one person at a time. The resale of company pass is prohibited.
  2. Season pass is loaded in online sale and will be activated in first entry through the gate. Please note that you will use a correct WTP-number. You  may not load your own season pass to another person´s old season pass chip card.
  3. Season pass holder´s photo has to be loaded in the time of purchase.
  4. When you buy the season pass for a child (7-11 years) be ready to identify child´s age to the personnel if needed. The age of the child at the time of purchase determines the price of the season pass. (Pensioner season pass on sale before the start of the season according to separate instructions, please contact either by email myynti@himos.fi or by phone 020 711 9100).
  5. Misuse of the season pass or breaking of the slope and lift rules may lead to either temporary or definitive suspension of the pass.
  6. In case of bullying, the season pass will be withheld for a specified period and our personnel will contact the parents in all cases of bullying. In repeated cases, the season pass is canceled for the rest of the season. No refunds will be made in these cases.
  7. If another person than season pass owner uses the season pass, we inherit the examination fee of €150.
  8. Forgotten/Lost season pass; 20 euros fee will be charged when season pass will be replaced.
  9. Already purchased season pass can not be exchanged or cancelled without an exceptional force major – in case of illness, doctor´s epicrisis. In these cases, we charge a cancellation fee of EUR 15/order.
  10. Skier by him-/herself ensure that insurance cover, which he/she considers necessary.
  11. Tickets must be paid at the same time than download is made. Payment Service Provider is Paytrail. Wish to pay with exercise and culture vouchers, mobile apps – please contact us.

Paytrail Plc acts as a collecting payment service provider and is an authorized Payment Institution. Paytrail Plc will be shown as the recipient on our bank or credit card statement. Paytrail Plc will forward the payment ti the merchant. For reclamations, please contact the website the payment was made to.

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