White Weekend

White Weekend

Black Friday = Himos White Weekend!

Make the most of it from our white weekend deal and buy the ticket ready for upcoming season!
2 days ticket
adult 69 €
(normal 88 €)
children 7-11-yr. and pensioner 39 € (normal 53 €)
Axess SmarCard (7 €) is not included.

A pensioner´s ticket can not be bought from the online store, as the pensioner´s status must be verified at the time of purchase. If you wish to buy a pensioner´s ticket, send a photo of your pensioner´s document by e-mail to myynti@himos.fi and you will receive payment instructions for buiyng the ticket.

Lift ticket can be used at your convenienve. Weekend, skiing holiday or when ever is the best time for you before May 1st 2023. The ticket is activated by the first lift entry. The ticket must be used for two consecutive days.

Please notice, The chipcard can only have one valid HImos ski pass at a time. The ski pass must have been used before next ski pass is loaded into the chip card.

You can load the ticket to Axess chipcard (not SkiData).

When you load the ski pass onto your chipcard, ski pass is ready for use and it will be activated on the first entry to the lift. When ordering the chipcard and ski pass, you can collect your ski pass either by QR-code on your receipt from the Pick-Up-Box located in front of the western slopes’ ticket sale office or by reservation number from the ticket sale office.

Offer is valid only in online shop during 25.11.-27.11.2022.