Due to covid-19 all day trips by charter buses are postpone at the moment.

Central point of skiing Finland – Himos

Day trips from Helsinki to Himos – organized by Lumiset ry. Lumiset association organizes day trips from Helsinki by bus. Exact dates will be determined before the season starts. The buses used are long-distance vehichles equipped with toilet, dvd, air condition and spacious trunk for skis and snowboards. Trip is organized when at least 25 person / trip sign up. Sign up online www.lumiset.net or by phone +358 10 439 9402.

Day trips from Tampere to Himos – organized by Väinö Paunu Oy. Väinö Paunu Ltd. organizes day trips from Tampere by bus. Their Express buses run on Saturdays at 8 a.m. and on Sundays at 10.20 a.m. from Tampere bus station. Return from Himos is on Saturdays at 4.10 p.m. and on Sundays 5.10 p.m. During the Tampere vacation periods the buses run daily according to Sunday timetable. Read more and sign up!

To Himos by Onnibus! Onnibuses stops Turku-Tampere-Jyväskylä-line road 9 at an express bus stop. Check timetables and book your trip to Himos!

You can reach Himos and Jämsä also by train. Check the timetable and book your trip to Himos!

From Jämsä railway station and town centrum there is a bus connection to Himos. Check Jämsä-Himos timetable

Himoksen Aluetaksi Oy, taxi service for 8 persons in the Himos area. Call to order: +358 400 342 121. www.himoksenaluetaxi.com